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Dear South, Losers Don’t Get Flags: Totally Biased

Dear South, Losers Don't Get Flags: Totally BiasedThe Confederate flag of the Old South still proudly waves – aloft and on mud flaps and baseball caps; but what does the flag mean now? Kamau Bell has some suggestions. While most people agree that The Civil War ended about 150 years ago and The Confederacy lost, a handful of holdouts want The Stars & Bars to rise again.

Kamau has a compromise which involves a bit of redesigning of the flag.
While some probably won’t like it…Er, scratch that. I know they won’t like it – Kamau says ‘who cares, they’re losers!’  Now hold on, not all of ya’ll, we love you – and sweet tea and pecan pie, biscuits and Magnolia scented Southern hospitality.  The new flag, and the ‘big L’  are only for those who majored in Bigotometry…And we all know a few.

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