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Deplorable Trump supporter hits one, shoves another and slaps a girl

Deplorable Trump supporter hits one, shoves another and slaps a girlAnd what’s the Trump spin on this? That the girl after being slapped in the face by a big ugly deplorable dippoop Trump supporter while being ejected gives the finger to some woman screeching in her face. This picture shows another deplorable dippoop Trump supporter giving a double finger to a Trump protester moments before the girl does. Unlike the entire basket of Donald Trump supporters who are about two thirds racist zenophobes, that goes up to about 90% at the rallies.

“It’s OK. The cameras are following [them] see now, the dishonest media will not report that. They won’t report it. They say we’re bad people. They’re not going to report that. So here’s the story. It’s a few people out of thousands. The dishonest media, these people, the most dishonest media you’re ever going to find. They won’t report that. They won’t report the gesture. They won’t report anything. But the good news is the cameras follow it.” Donald Trump in response to one of his deplorables physically attacking protesters.

Another takeaway from this little video is that the protesters seem to be having fun and taking it lightly while Trump’s deplorable dippoops are all awash in anger and hate and video making.

And what’s the problem with these dippoops deplorable anyway? They like it, they are proud of it, bigotry is a thing to be celebrated in flyover America, though they like to just call it political incorrectness. Racists do not like being called “racists” though. Deplorable dippoops is probably a better choice of words.

What I learned from this election – Baseball caps are for stupid people. I was previously unaware of that. The house has been cleansed.
There are far more deplorable dippoops in America than anyone had realized – Living in Texas I already knew that.

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