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Diamond and Silk Call George Lopez a ‘Sewer Sucker’

First thing and perhaps the only thing to understand is that Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson are not the daughters of Clarence Thomas, but sisters and daughters of TV evangelists.

Evangelism – A large American Christian religion without any RESPECT for logic, reason, facts, science or the truth to bring more and more fellow losers into sending them money.

I bet these ladies are never confronted in white restaurants as they, Fox News and Donald Trump would scream racism.  But what about in black restaurants? How do they fair in black communities?

Their big love of Trump is of course PRO LIFE and standard Evangelical intolerance, but their topic is usually Trump fixed black unemployment.

Ya know, if you look at graphs from 2009 to now the rise is steady through Obama to today in black employment, stock market, gdp, employment and so on.  Though financials are doing better because they care about only two things. Reduction of their taxes and regulations.  And they got that.

Regulations –  Protections for the American People.

Diamond and Silk Call George Lopez a ‘Sewer Sucker’ for Fake Peeing on Trump’s Hollywood Star