Do what you can’t, self help video from Casey Neistat

Do what you can't, self help video from Casey NeistatAs self help shows, books, lectures and Sunday morning preachers go, this one by Casey Neistat is much more fun. But like all of them including Oprah, about 99% of those reaching for the star fall flat on their face in perpetuity ending up in a cubicle or with their name on their pocket.

But it does help keep hope alive which is perhaps the most important aspect of humanity. With all do respect to Chicagoan Jesse Jackson who most popularized this with KEEP HOPE ALIVE.  KEEP HOPE ALIVE. For if we do not, entire communities can fall into ever sinking cycles of poverty, crime, violence and guns. As we have over the past year or so. For if one loses hope lives can spiral down the well of depression, addiction, crime, prison, violence, suicide and becoming a nasty nitwit Trump troll on the internet.