Donald Trump is Getting Crazier, Here’s Proof – Keith Olbermann, Video

Donald Trump is Getting Crazier, Here's Proof - Keith Olbermann, Video

When Keith Olbermann says that Donald Trump is getting crazier, please bear in mind that the following examples of Trump’s increasing lunacy are only culled from the past week.  Yes, the ‘President’ has lost his armada – and while that’s another story, Trump has packed a boatload of bizarre behavior into a very short time.

Who will ever forget the delightful Easter egg roll at the White House – rather, those of years past?  This year, Trump was the reincarnation of Mussolini – chest out, standing on the balcony as if surveying hordes of underlings paying homage. The spell was broken only by Melania, who snapped him out of total immersion in that fantasy. Ah, but the kids! The lucky kinder were treated to a chorus of ‘How many votes I got when I won the election bigley!’

It was quite the week, with nuclear war simmering with North Korea, and two bomb strikes in as many countries under his expand o-belt. Trump even remembered correctly the name of one of the countries! Trump continues his promising ‘on the job training’ – delighted to hear that we now have ‘unmanned’ bombs.

Olbermann wasn’t yet aware of Trump’s congratulatory message to Turkish President and monster Tayyip Erdogan when he recorded this video. Remember, when in Turkey – stay at the lovely Trump Towers, Istanbul!