Donald Trump President Joke Advisory Chart

Donald Trump President Joke Advisory ChartAh, the Trump Toilet Tweets, the TTT. But I suppose none of his crazy crap matters any longer. He bombed the crap out of some people far away with the NYTs, WAPO, CNN and Hillary all screaming for more. This being America filled with Americans who have not experienced war on home ground in 150 years, I suspect Trumps approval rating to go from 35% to 85% over the weekend.

Speaking of toilet tweeting, you know you got smart phone addiction when you take it in the dumper with you.
I have not become attached to mine. It often runs out of gas on the desk.I need it only because the kids do not answer phone calls anymore so I have to text. I never did learn the finger thing, just push the microphone and what prints out goes out. Lots of “hello” in the front to see if it’s working.
But still, the most often message or call I get is



Doesn’t anyone realize those things are like a criminal tether? The government, parents, wives and husbands know where you are within a meter.