Donald Trump, Turkey of the Year, Plante Cartoon

Donald Trump turkey of the year

I suppose there is no argument there. But there is a truckload of runner-ups!

Michele Bachmann, and OMG don’t forget her husband Marcus! What a treat that guy was.
Meat Loaf! His meltdown on Trump’s show about his missing art supplies or his even crazier singing behind Romney at at campaign stop were classics.
Dick Morris of Fox News being more wrong than he is a toe sucking fat little fker.
John Sununu fat little fker who let the racism of the GOP sing across land.
Karl Rove who spent $300 million Republican dollars on his bullcrap.
Clint Eastwood who let it be known what a silly Obama hating wingnut he is. He never read about… going softly into the night.
Mitt Romney who during and after the election let the cat out of the bag of what Republicans think of half of Americans.
Republican voter suppression which backfired on them.

The way for Democrats to stay on top is to help the Tea Party along. Help the GOP hold the present status quo. No change in either their economic or social extremism. Just a little more nicey nicey to Hispanics who the GOP assumes are a lot dumber than they are. You know, when a person or a group or an entire political party tells me to GET FKED, I understand that.