‘Douchebag Misogynists Are Voting Republican’ By D.C. Douglas

'Douchebag Misogynists Are Voting Republican' By D.C. Douglas. How Republicans will put women back in their place
Actor D.C. Douglas firmly plants his tongue-in-cheek to play Lance Baxter, unemployed pool cleaner and full-time misogynist. While Baxter might not know the meaning of the word ‘misogynist’ he does know which party will go ‘balls out’ to put women back in their place as second class citizens! If the Lance Baxters of the world had trading cards, the faces on them would include – but not be limited to such legislators as Todd Akin, Darrell Issa, Richard Mourdock, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. ‘Vote Republican this time.
As the bumper sticker on Lance’s truck reads:   Oppress women through the law, it lasts a lot longer than a roofie!’