Dr Lewis Black in Black, Republican’s don;t even know what insurance is!

Dr Lewis Black in Black, Republican's don;t even know what insurance is!This shot of Republican Senator John Barrasso from our most Republican state says it all. And what he has to say is even dumber than how he looks.

Republicans are denying reality in this healthcare fight. As every civilized nation has realized long ago, the only way to make health care viable and affordable for all is to mandate that everyone pays in to the pool. INSURANCE. We mandate car insurance. We mandate home and flood insurance on mortgaged homes. But not on our very lives?  But then again Republicans deny reality in most of what the think and do. And lie about it.

Perhaps it will be a good thing for this Cassidy Graham repeal to pass and be signed by Trump. It will put in writing, and law, and history just how despicable Republicans are, all of them. Though Rand Paul certainly leads the pack. ,