Dr Trump Explains viral outbreak of Fake News

Dr Trump Explains viral outbreak of Fake NewsThis virus called Kremlinfluenza, Moscow Disease and Spy-aarhea it has caused millions of people to believe the bogus well documented lies about Trump and his family.

Of all the Trump impersonators ANTHONY ATAMANUIK here best captures both the wordsmithing and the ignorance of our fake President.

I read this morning that after a year of Trump in the headlines 58% of Republicans believe a college education has a negative effect on America, that is up from 37% before Trump.

Talking to the Republican base here in Texas I find they do not want their kids to go to college, they try to keep them from going to college if fact. Well, unless they can get into the most conservative public college in America, Texas A&M. Parents know that if their kids do go away to college, their first trip out of the county, chances are they will learn stuff, meet up with blacks and Hispanics and people from all over the world and then move to big cities and only come back to Petticoat Junction for a few days around Christmas every year or so. Not to mention realizing their parents are ignorant bigots.

Trump and his cult hate not only the college educated, but reporters, journalists, scientists and most of all college professors more than any of the rest. The same groups that Stalin, Hitler and Mao were the first to eliminate.

Which all brings us back to the bottom line in all this.

Trump got elected because he gave the rural Republican base what they most wanted, giving the finger to anyone smarter than a Palin.