Dumb idea about Smart Guns and Pepsico and Kendall Jenner – Samantha Bee

Dumb idea about Smart Guns, Samantha BeeA law by a New Jersey Democrat that says “sell smart guns or no guns” has put smart guns out of business. Though that is only part of the story, there is also the gun dealers who offer smart guns for sale getting so many death threats from the NRA cultists that they are afraid to sell them. There is also the issue of dealing with the NRA in a rational manner, which is just not possible.

But there is a larger issue here.  Democrats going so far over the top with political correctness that they do far more harm than good. So often driven by social media where trivial nanonitting rules the day.

This Pepsico / Kendall Jenner thing is the perfect example. An ad where happy active young people demonstrators drink Pepsi and Kendall Jenner offers a Pepsi to a cop. OMG!  That’s good right? But no, it was compared to a photo of a black woman being a arrested by a cop, so the blacks and liberals of the world went literally nuts. Why not compare it to the famous photo of the hippie girl placing a flower in the barrel of a soldiers gun?

Reminds me of the crap about the movie A DOG’S PURPOSE where an animal trainer yelled at a dog to jump in a pool. OMG! Yelling at a dog bringing us boycotts and a world in flux.  On and on this trivial politically correct crap goes, pounding out ever more Trump voters day in and day out. STOP IT!

Whenever your cable goes out, or your smart phone falls in the lake or your safe zone is invaded,  before you go online to make a big stink about it please remember that as you are complaining, there is a woman in a burka with a stick poking around in a pile of rubble looking for body parts of her children.