EDNA Ends Discrimination & Fun in Workplace Susie Sampson

EDNA Ends Discrimination & Fun in Workplace? Tea Party spy Susie Sampson

Employment Non discrimination Act or EDNA has passed the Senate. Don’t look now but they’re taking away everything that used to make being a conservative worthwhile!  Slipping into her Tea Party persona, Susie Sampson bemoans the good old days before people started piping up about equality! Those were days when a lagging ego could get a superiority boost by denying basic human rights to others because they were ‘different’ in some way. Gosh, if you can’t discriminate against gays, women, people with disabilities and those of other colors – how are you supposed to feel better about yourself?

Heaven knows Boehner has valiantly fought to protect the Conservative Creed.
1. I fear what I don’t know.
2. I’m proud I don’t know it.
3. I’m proud to be a narrow minded in-duh-vidual.
4 We must protect the land of the free from anyone who doesn’t look, act or talk like we do.  ( Native Americans took a more liberal stance, and look what happened to them!)
5. If all else fails, warn that it (be it EDNA or Obamacare) is bad for business.
6. When #5 proves to be wrong, deny,deny and deny some more!