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Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren would make the best president of the lot of candidates. Even though she suffers two big political disadvantages.  The endless Pocahontas crap that is an easy soundbite for this nitwit nation, and like Hillary, a very smart, strong, informed woman will a stellar resume. Can’t have that in the United States of White Men.

Trump was elected on misogyny, the racism was just the frosting on the cake and The Wall the cherry on top.  If Warren wins the nomination I can see the Trump rallies now.  No more MAGA hats.  They Trumpers will all be wearing Indian headdresses and pumping hatchets above their heads.

That said…

Warren more than anyone on the ticket understands how our economic system works. And more importantly, how to fix it. She is specific on all of it.

The central problem is that whether it be taxes, tax breaks, regulation, deregulation, minimum wage, non discrimination it all falls upon the backs of small businesses, 90% of small businesses which  employ 60% of us have less than 20 employees, while the wealthy and large corporations avoid it all with big money, big lawyers and Republican lobbyists.

And of course the word of the coming 500 days, SOCIALISM!

The cry seems to concern only three issues:
1. Single payer health care.  Which 39 of the wealthiest 40 nations have, enjoy and would have it no other way. It is not socialism it is civilization.
2. Extending public education from 12 years to 14 years. Upping it 15%. While most states – even red ones – have added a year or two at the bottom with Pre School. It is not socialism it is civilization.
3. Green New Deal.  Aside from saving the planet and everyone on it, it creates more jobs than fossil fuel, it makes us healthier, builds infrastructure and is the right thing to do. It is not socialism it is civilization.


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