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Even Fox News doesn't want Karl Rove and Dick Morris around anymore, Danziger cartoon

Fox News hides Karl Rove & Dick Morris

For those who may have forgotten. The foot bubble there goes back to 1997 when the front pages around the world showed Clinton election adviser Dick Morris was often on the phone with the President while sucking the toes of prostitutes. President Clinton fired him and the vindictive little bastard went on to Fox News to dispense his vitriolic hate and revenge upon not only the Clintons but liberals, Democrats and puppies.

Karl Rove should bring back that old TV show WIN, LOSE OR DRAW where celeberites drew stuff and other celebrities had to guess what it meant. In fact Mr Danziger, you have a bubble for Morris, you should have Karl holding up a drawing of the foot he just made.  When Karl draws something and holds it up to the camera, you can be sure its the truth!

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