Even George Will decrys the Supreme Court Habeas Dissent

Conservative columnist George Will has stepped up to the plate to decry the recent Supreme Court dissenters on the 5 to 4 ruling that the process of habeas corpus is so important to the any nations freedom and liberty that it must be integrated to all aspects of the law, including off shore prisons and non citizens. To deny any prisoner the ability to appear before a judge to ask what he is being charged with is the stuff of the most murderous totalitarian regimes past and present. Contempt of Courts by George Will

Antonin Scalia dissented saying the ruling will "kill Americans" and no surprise that George W. Bush and his administration are having tissyfits over the decision, but it came as somewhat as a surprise that Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain called the decision "One of the worst decisions in the history of this country!" Wow hey, the basis of freedom, the very core to liberty is the worst thing that ever happened!

The message John McCain is passing to the world, just as George W. Bush has done over the past 8 years, is that the wars we fight demanding democracy, freedom and liberty do not really apply to us. It’s just so much crap. It is what Republicans are, it’s how they think, perhaps even how they are born and why so the unintelligent Americans voters vote for them. For it’s a sure bet those they wish to deny the most important freedom of all do not speak English, have darker skin than they do and have funny sounding names like let’s see… Hmm… Barack Obama.

And Jon Stewart weighs in…