Every dumbass thing Trump has done in just a four minutes, D C Douglas

Every dumbass thing Trump has done in just a four minutes, D C DouglasThe real theme of this video is directed at Trump supporters as a list of all the huge, bigly terrific things Donald Trump has done for them.

Let’s see now, bombed an airfield in Syria, saved 700 jobs at Carrier in Indiana and so many new coal jobs we will get sick of having so many coal jobs. Oops almost forgot what with deportation and the fear of deportation, all the jobs opening up for Republicans picking lettuce, cleaning toilets, chopping off their fingers in slaughterhouses and all wrapped up weed eating and leaf blowing.

To fit so much dumbass lying crap into just one four minute video, D C Douglas had to make this so fast and furious you will need to keep your finger on the pause button to keep up. 

You know I read a headline yesterday that seemed to be horrified that we have Ivanka Trump telling her daddy what to do, She’s running the country!  I should hope so.

What? A sane person who is not an out and out racist or whacked out Christian evangelical running the show? Horrified? She may not be the richest billionaire in the White House but at least she is a relatively sane one. And grabbable. And that is what matters in Trump World.

Angela Merkel is not grabbable, or for that matter is not even shakeable.  Hey even a back rub would have been a step up.

Boy oh boy, George W must be dancing the light fantastic, finally redeemed by a President worse than he was.