Fallon: Semi-inappropriate new iPhone Apps including Romney App


Don’t feel badly if you haven’t figured out all of the features on your iPhone, it’s time to get the latest model, or will be soon! Along with the new model come a plethora of new and upgraded Apps that you’ll love! For example; “I Am T-Pain” has spawned “I Am Mitt Romney” – you can hear any question translated into Mitt’s voice, and more! (No, it’s not auto-tune) The second and last peek here is the “Axl Rose Relaxation Tapes”  Think of it, you can relax to the sound of the ocean breaking on the shore, or – get this app and hear Axl’s take on Chirping Birds or a crackling fireplace. It sounds relaxing doesn’t it? My eye is still twitching. “Take a nap!”

Fallons new iPhone app 'I am Mitt Romney'