Fiore -The Tax Reform Plan of Wonder – Animation

Fiore -The Tax Reform Plan of Wonder - Animation

For those who don’t ‘get’ Trump’s shiny new tax reform plan, you’re in luck. The plan is complicated, but we’ve condensed it into all you really need to know. When it is broken down into 9 or less bullet points with a lot of pictures and the name ‘Trump’ frequently inserted, then Donald Trump will know what you are learning right now. If you like tax cuts, you’re in luck! This sweeping tax overhaul is just full of – tax cuts! We’re slashing taxes, but not as much as we’re slashing Medicaid and education¬† cutting the fat from the budget.¬† For those who believe that Trumpcare is already in effect, you’re in for a big surprise. The little guy finally benefits. Think of it, the owners of private jets, and those who own their own golf course will finally get a tax break. It’s been a long time coming!