FOD: Whup! Whup! Joe Biden Whipped Paul Ryan Biden Style. VOTE!

Whup! Joe Biden Whipped Paul Ryan 'Biden Style'.  song parody  Vote

You know you’re going to want to dance again, so pull the shades and enjoy! The theme is difficult to miss and harder to argue against.  Joe Biden did ‘Whup’ Paul Ryan, Biden style. Oh -and yes, he did it fair and square. Oh, the whining that has gone on!

The list of things that Romney and Ryan would remove read like a list of the concerns those of us who are not in the One Percent share. If you care about fair taxes, affordable health care, fair pay, the environment, women’s rights, public schools, unions, gay marriage or the Dream Act – for starters, be sure to get out and ‘represent’ by voting!

  • Newscat

    I’m sorry db. Next time I’ll grab the lyrics when they’re available. I’m certain you’re not alone in not hearing the lyrics and I’m glad you mentioned it. I suspect you’re right about Sauna air, I thought that was kind of strange too. We have many sources of extremely hot air – both in and outside of politics.

  • db

    Ms. ‘Cat,

    It’s probably my hearing, but I couldn’t understand what they were singing.

    Sauna Air? Is that like hotter than hot air?