FOX and Friends Duped By Dirty Old Man In Santa Suit, Sal Lizard

Fix & Friends are duped b<div style=buy cialis online canada

y dirty old leceherous man in Santa suit Sal Lizard, whose very naughty videos are seen here in a mash-up” src=”×100.jpg” width=”150″ height=”100″ />

Ho! Ho! OH Hell NO! Fox and Friends hosts are wearing eggnog on their faces this Christmas. For a piece about ‘The War on Christmas’ the Fox folks invited part-time Santa Sal Lizard. This was the first shot in that war, and the Fox Friends took a hit from friendly fire. I can only assume that the research staff saw no reason to investigate or even Google the extremely jolly elf. Thanks to the wizards at Douchechillz we see a mash-up of Lizard’s Greatest Hits on YouTube. For those watching the Friends over breakfast, it soon becomes obvious that the Santa get-up is only an excuse to get babes on this Santa’s knee. Warning…It’s enough to curdle your Cream of Wheat!