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Fox News goes off the rails in Steve Bannon Bookstore confrontation

Remember, this is about a woman who saw Steve Bannon in a bookstore and told him he was a piece of trash RATHER than calling him the more apropos, a racist pig. The owner called 911 on her.

In hundreds of articles on this story, the name of the bookstore and owner Nick Cooke was there in bold often with a link.  I know I went to the the Black Swan Books website to see what kind of place it was.  Antique books. 2601 West Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220, (804) 353-9476

The address and phone number were at the top of the page. This bogus snowflake article is really just a vehicle to call those confronting Trump and company “socialists.” We will be hearing a lot about SOCIALISTS in the coming months, hey?  I hope someone starts counting instance between now and November.

Socialism – adj. The government “promoting the general welfare” for it’s citizens in all things other than kicking the crap out of people here and abroad.

Former Clinton aide shares contact information of bookstore Steve Bannon was accosted in