Fox News Megyn Kelly, Atheist versus Christian

Here is the content that caused all the trouble…

Unlike Christians, Santorum and his fellow Roman Catholics participate in a barbaric ritual dating back two millennia, a "mass" in which a black-robed cleric casts a spell over some bread and wine, transfiguring it into the actual living flesh and blood of their Christ. Followers then line up to eat the Jesus meat and drink his holy blood in a cannibalistic reverie not often seen outside Cinemax

Everything in that quote from the Huffington post is absolutely true. But you see, faith not only trumps reason and logic but the truth as well. Politicians and the main stream media have always been told to never disparage religion or God. But now they are coming to the blogs to enforce this most grievous form of self imposed censorship.

But what caught my eye was the Church Lady’s contention that Christians sacrifice their lives for God. Mentioning someone or other faraway. And that person has YET to do so. [Notice there is no longer the likes of the Church Lady on SNL or the GOD Button on the Daily Show].

ON THE OTHER HAND… We have Muslims giving their lives driving jets into buildings, wrapping themselves in suicide vests most everyday, and Buddhists starting themselves on fire now and again. No Christians. So whose faith is the strongest? Whose God is the biggest? Who actually will give their lives to God? Christians, what a bunch of wussies.