Fox news reports, I decided It’s one Crazyass News Channel

With the majority of the House, the Senate and now 70% of Americans saying we need to get out of Ira, and with an impeachment looming, Fox News Sunday spend most of the hour ignoring all that to tell us instead nstead that we are succeeding and winning the war in Iraq! Of course there were a few minutes of argument from Fox News Sunday’s cream cheese twins, Mara Liasson and Juan Williams.
Keeping in step with their push of the Good War, they covered the Fall of John McCain’s as an issue of money and inside leadership rather than the truth of the matter which is McCain’s often insane hawkish backing of George W. Bush’s Iraq War. And of course they ended the show with yet another John Edwards’ Hair story. The hard part of all this is hard to believe put true. More people watch Fox News than any other cable news channel. Which is instrumental in creating the nation of boobs we now reside in.