Fox News the Trump Run Cable News Channel, Daily Show

ox News, Trump Run Cable News Channel, Daily Show

Sean Hannity spins the Donald Jr story saying it was a set up by the Democrats. I never paid too much attention to Sean Hannity because he was just too stupid to bother with. A clown with the gravitas of a Kardashian.

What with the Republicans now being the entire STATE, Fox News has become a state run news source for the Trump Administration  – as bad as any state run news organization in any dictatorship.

Their lies, fake news, conspiracy theories work on people who are so full of hate, bile and anger that they have gone from white to purple.

They will throw themselves and their families under the billionaires Airbus, joyfully destroy their own air and water, give up their lives to Black Lung and lose their health insurance just to give YOU the finger. It’s what the guns are for.

The bottom line here is the same old spin that talk radio and Fox News use for a generation. Hillary did it! Obama did it! Democrats did it!  Always the spin away from the issue at hand. They do that because there is no rational defense for that they are defending.

And claiming all respected news sources are fake, while Infowars, the National Inquirer, Pat Robertson, Fox News and their ever more cringe-worthy gang of Trump surrogates coming out of the White House is the real news is at best just silliness.

I have been hearing from lots of sources that the reason the GOP will not stand up to Trump who is destroying their party  is that they want two more Supreme Court justices for the single issue of denying women their reproductive rights for the next two generations.  Could that really be true?