Fox Right Wing Craziness Uses Children in Lies. Parents Not Asked for Approval

Eric Burns from joins Countdown to discuss yet another non-issue just brought to the fore and manufactured by Faux. They’re showing clips of school
children singing a song about the president from elementary schools, one in New Jersey, the other in No. Carolina, which constituted only one minute of a 26 minute program. Both programs took place in the same week seven months ago –
during Black History Month! Parents did not object, as the lyrics were sent home for their approval.They are hot now! They did not give their approval for their
children’s faces to be used on “Fox News” particularly in this twisted manner.

Fox would have you believe this Chairman Mao – like “indoctrination” happens daily putting your children ‘at risk,’and is far more insidious than the actual message, study hard and be nice to one another! Fox boldly lies that no interaction took place between President and Mrs. Bush. After viewing the grateful survivors
of Katrina singing with Mrs. Bush, it might have been better had they not brought that topic up at all. We would all do well to take Eric Burn’s words to heart, and dismiss the idea that Fox is anything more or less than a right wing noise machine, with the clear and stated goal of making this president fail – whatever it takes.