French Presidential Election With Female Trump – John Oliver video

French Presidential Election With Female Trump - John Oliver video

Next Sunday France holds the first round of its Presidential election, and if you’re thinking ‘why should I care?’ John Oliver explains why it’s way more important than you might realize. Some citizens  are riding a wave of populism, and support a French Brexit. The political future of Europe is at stake.

Conditions in the country make the election of a female candidate who is eerily similar to our own big, bloated mistake – a real possibility. The “monstrous, demagogic, as*#@* ” Marine Le Pen takes a strong anti-immigration stance – because everyone knows immigrants steal wallpaper. Le Pen would outlaw hijabs, yarmulkes and any cultural or religious head wear, and she has made outrageous promises of bringing jobs to young people. This is truly deja vu territory – many French citizens are feeling a reckless overconfidence, expressing their certainty that she will not win. To add to the creepy coincidence, a third of voters may just abstain…Did they learn nothing from us?

In an attempt to prevent France from making a familiar and  irreversible mistake, John Oliver visits an excessively French bistro to deliver an urgent message to French voters.