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Full Frontal Samantha Bee does the 2nd Debate

Full Frontal Samantha Bee does the 2nd Debate part 1 & 2“You weren’t in a locker room you sleazy pair of sweat socks, you were at work.” Samantha Bee.

Who thought up that the best defense for The Donald’s misogyny was to beat up Hillary for her husbands infidelity?  It goes without saying that Rudy Giuliani, Roger Ailes and The Donald his own self were on board with that, but didn’t lady political whiz Kellyanne Conway mention how Jennifer Aniston become America’s most beloved sweetheart after Brad Pitt cheated on her with the now crazy and anorexic Angelina Jolie.

The talk up at Trump Towers is that there are more of these tapes coming, some with the NWORD.  The Donald says that if  these mean things do comeout, whether from the Clinton campaign or not, he will in the next debate  go ever lower to attack her on sexual matters concerning her husband than he already has.  And with Fox News moderator Chris Wallace in support.  But what if Chris Wallace goes rogue on him and The Donald has to attack him for having hemorrhoids, you know, bleeding from wherever.

My head shaker is now the Wikileaks statement that has the nation on fire, that Hillary Clinton has both a private and public persona. She says thing in private that she does not say in public! OMG!  Trying to think of one person in the world who doesn’t do the same… Thinking… Sorry…


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