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Full Frontal Samantha Bee, no elephant tears for the GOP

Full Frontal Samantha Bee, no elephant tears for the GOP “You don’t have the courage of a single one of your convictions, but you were smart to dis-invite Trump to your Fall Fest because he would not have been able to resist grabbing a wussy like you.” Samantha Bee ending her list of all the nasty things Ryan has said about The Donald but without withdrawing his support.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the Grand Old Party finds itself under a steaming pile of elephant manure of it’s own making. They deserve to lose not only the White House and the Supreme Court but the Senate and the House as well. Though that will be dependent upon how lazy the American voters are having to pick and choose their down ballot voting. On the bright side, Americans are pretty lazy.

I sure did enjoy Sam Bee making fun of all the Republicans still on board with The Donald after the damaging sexist video making sure to mention they have female relatives in their defense.  About 100% of us have female relatives.

No no no… The most enjoyment in this clip is when blond red dress Republican Trump surrogate Scottie Hughes feigns offense when brunette red dress Republican Ana Navarro says “wussy.” Hilarious. ¬†The media is almost across the board now laughing in the faces of these surrogates.

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