FunnyOrDie: SANTA RETIRES…But Can He Adapt? Retirement Community Stages Intervention

Funny or Die: Santa Retires but doesn't adapt well south of the North Pole, until residents at retirement community stage intervention and save Christmas  their cookies and their sanity

If anyone has earned retirement it is the jolly elf who has been on the job for over 1,742 years! The Erickson Retirement Community is a great place – but there are a few glitches when Santa tries to adapt to life below the North Pole. There are no proper accommodations for magical reindeer, and let’s face it – Santa does feel that any milk and cookies he sees are his. Life long habits are hard to break. Before their sanity breaks, and Christmas as we know it is over, the residents at Erickson stage an intervention of sorts.¬† Sometimes it’s a good idea to keep a hand in, and do the work you love.