Gay Christian Bigotry by Parents Kills Their Children

Though this new study only enforces previous studies, it does help shine through all the present bigotry behind California’s Proposition 8. I found this version of all this over at Pam’s to have the most revenant links proving the point. Family Acceptance Project Releases Paper On LGB Youth Risk Factors

The various issues concerning Gay Rights are unique in that there is no skin coming off anyone else’s nose. As such, this type of bigotry directed at gay men and women is just for the fun of it. Economic and intellectual wanting groups of people can suffer real or imagined fears of Hispanics and African Americans who may be coming to take their jobs, steal their flat screen TVs, or gangbang the neighborhood. But there is no substance to fear of any kind concerning gays. Well other than better fashion sense for rednecks.

There are two sets of facts in this study that gets to the base nastiness of it all. First is this one which the study was about.

Gay children of parents who either negatively respond to them OR give little or no positive feedback:

8.4 times more likely to report attempting suicide
5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression
3.4 times more likely to report illegal drug use
3.4 times more likely to report having engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse

The second set of facts also reaffirms past studies showing gay teens, on average, aware of their sexuality early on:

Under 11: when they first experienced a same-sex attraction.
Just over 14 : when they realized they were gay.
Before 16: when they came out to their families.

This issue, where parents knowingly and purposefully push their own children into self loathing, depression, drug use, and suicide is more than enough reason for them, and everyone else, to immediately reject whatever the source of this kind of hateful, intolerant, degenerate, bullcrap. It is deviant human behavior subsidized by Satan and orchestrated by the Anti Christ.

  • spinygabor

    i understand it’s hard for some glbt people to post a comment here, but my no means should the “religious” holler than thou bigots get the upper hand by behavimg like a bunch of jackals thinking it’s feeding time on the souls of glbt people who are perceived as not being able to defend themselves b/c we’re happy go lucky pansies guilding the lilly, but we can use centuries old words like, “abominable,” too.

    every good religious scholar has a healthy dose of skepticism when trying to learn the essence of the bible w/o being petty or b&w. the bible was written in a very different time & just like the sistine chapel was a very beautiful interpretation of a biblical story, the bible itself is filled w/ tons of metaphors (eg my personal opinion is so it would stand the test of time).

    if you’re trying to get closer to God like i was/am, remove yourself from negative influences whio may smile to you’re face while twisting the knife in your back every since i removed myself from that element, my dreams have been pleasant & i’ve lost less sleep, believe it! straight up! it’s h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y & if someone has to ask if they’ve been hypocritical don’t make my mistake by stroking their ego. it’s up to them to examine themselves & their own behavior.

    no one’s perfect & the onw true God will forgive you once you form a personal relationship w/ him. i would think he probably hates being shunned for no reason just like us, after all we were made in his reflection. so, go forth & conquer! ;-)

    ps kick! does make politics hella fun & not just gay crape! i very much dislike talking heads, so keep up the great work!

    • Newscat

      Thanks for your comments, I’m very glad that you enjoy Kick!

      I’m also appreciate that you shared your experience. We sometimes don’t even realize we’re in the presence of hypocritical and negative influences. I’m relieved to hear that you got instant affirmation that distancing yourself from them was the healthy thing to do… Continued sweet dreams. : )