Gay marriage & the Bible? What the?! A Mark Fiore cartoon


In the cartoon titled ‘Pray for Reign, Mark Fiore examines the two sides of public opinion regarding gay marriage, and Obama’s daring position in favor of civil rights. While states can still rule against decency, and many are, this is a perfect excuse for those like Mr. Dan to back Romney. As he says, “Face it Dog Boy, your man Obama is a sinner. We need Mitt Romney in there to stand for morality!” Cue Dog Boy with a plethora of  uncomfortable Biblical questions.

Perhaps the most perplexing question isn’t Biblical at all, but rather about Mitt’s college bullying, described by Dan as “A possible ‘youthful indiscretion, if it happened at all.’ Low, the baby Obama is still blamed for being born in Kenya as a radical Muslim, who – in his crib, planned the downfall of white America.