George Bush has lost 3 wars in 5 years and should be in jail.

Bush and Cheney go to jail“We hate the Americans so much now, we don’t want to see their faces, they are no different than the Russians.” Prevailing Attitude in Afghanistan.
The Taliban is resurgent in Afghanistan with the majority of people now so pissed off at the collateral damage (terrorism) we are suffering them that they are drifting back to the Taliban as the lesser of two evils. America is now perceived bky most of the world as more evil than the places George Bush defines as evil. We are also getting into clashes on the Pakistan border,  who not only have the bomb, but are a shot away from becoming yet another evangelical theocracy.
In Iraq the majority say it’s okay to kill American soldiers and that things were better under Saddam Hussein. While the entire educated middle class has emigrated out of Iraq for good. This leaves the place filled only with crazyass religious evangelicals and the very poor who are being killed off in numbers putting even Saddam to shame. And not to forget that 3 American soldier have been taken by Al Queda in Iraq which is sure to end very badly.
Our own Intelligence reports now say that America is more susceptible to terrorism than it was before September 11th.
George W. Bush has surpassed all previous Presidents by losing three wars only five years! This gives me justice to expand upon Sean Penn’s recent words regarding Bush and Cheney, “They should be in fucking jail.” Apply their own so popular Conservative legal concepts of Three Strikes You Are Out and Mandatory Sentencing and send both these guys up for life without parole. And do it yesterday.

  • Newscat

    Please humor me and suspend reality for a moment. Imagine reading the above paragraph
    in an earlier time, perhaps around WW-2.
    We would be rushing to stop the greatest and most corrupt meglomaniac since Hitler,
    to whom he would give an inferiority complex, and send scurrying back to art school.

  • Bubba

    So what is your answer mr. liberal?
    Our choices for president are a Marxist lesbian, a pretty boy fag and a black gangbanger. If any of that happens I am moving to a more conservative country. Hmmm…
    Let me see… Ummm…. Well Somalia does have some nice beaches.