Gerrymandering, Politicians Selecting Voters – John Oliver

Gerrymandering, Politicians Selecting Voters - John Oliver

John Oliver explains everything you ever needed to know about gerrymandering, but were afraid to ask. For the daring, there is even a section on packing and cramming, which surprisingly, is a common practice. It would be hard to come up with a worse system for redistricting  than we have, where legislators are allowed to dilute our votes by drawing their own lines and picking their own voters.
Some states have turned the chore over to a committee system,but legislators are reluctant to give up the power to pick their voters. The fox is guarding this hen house, and it will take a team of United Airlines goons to remove him.

John Oliver contends that everyone’s vote should count equally, because that is what America is all about. “Every one of us should get an equal chance to make a bad decision which messes things up for everybody else. Whoever we are, however poor our decisions – in this one context we should all be relevant. ”  Whether you’re a Juggalo, a  guy jamming a knife in a toaster, a baker of erotic pastries – well, you get the idea. All of us including everyone’s racist grandmother should have an equal voice. Bring on the dancing zebras!