Girl Scout Cassandra Levesque’s bill to stop child marriages in New Jersey, Samantha Bee

Girl Scout Cassandra Levesque's bill to stop child marriages in New Jersey, Samantha BeeMy God, what kind of a place is New Jersey that allows 12 year olds to get married?

Where Girl Scout Cassandra Levesque’s bill was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie who said to not allow 12 year girls to get married would disrupt the values of New Jersey! Yes! He said that. And it may be true.

New Jersey!  Chris Christie who is even now sucking up and defending Donald Trump who threw him under the bus making his the second biggest loser of 2016. New Jersey!

Oh wait, all 50 states have the same child marriage laws. And keep them for the same reasons. American family values.

And why? Two reasons. For dirty old men to avoid statutory rape charges and to give sustenance to extreme religious intolerance and religious cults.

Hey, in Idaho, where abortions are considered murder, parents can let their children die right in front of them refusing any medical help and get off without even and indictment.  Religious Freedom at work!

I also want to mention that at the end of Samantha Bee’s show she brought Cassandra Levesque on stage to give this very smart, kind and wonderful little girl hugs and an award, about as upbeat as TV gets. And no video of it. Come on TBS, get with the program.