Give ‘Em a Medal – Black Virginia State Police Officer, Charlottesville Heroes – Seth Meyers

Give 'Em a Medal - Black Virgina State Police Officer, Charlottesville Heroes - Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers pays tribute to the unrecognized heroes of the Charlottesville riots, who were overshadowed in the media by coverage of the white supremacist march organizers and violent instigators. While some extremely funny heroes are recognized, the piece starts with a truly valiant black Virginia State police officer charged with protecting the free speech of the deplorable white supremacists.This officer definitely deserves a medal. The piece ends with an award-winning field of flowers…But not just any flowers. This field of posies valiantly trapped the organizer of the rally, effectively preventing him from reaching media coverage. Well done my floral friends, a grateful nation thanks you for the image of that bloated putz tip-toeing through your midst.