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God, The Bible on History Channel and Hide and Seek

hide and seekWatching this compilation of hide and seek videos of little kids got me thinking about religion. To hide, all you have to do is not see. And if you can’t see, then no one else can see you.

I watched part two of The Bible on History Channel last night.  Lots of blood, lots of killing. LOTS AND LOTS OF KILLING. The story of Issac, Saul, David and the very long story of Samson. BTW, it was a another bad women that did the good man in AGAIN. They made Samson Black so the series is very liberal. Multicultural!

I took notice that GOD said to Issac, Saul and David to go KILL EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.  And if they did not go KILL EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING God got angry and punished them.  Last week in Part 1 it was GOD HIMSELF KILLING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING in Sodom and Gomorrah. Then God killing all first born children. Next week it will be GOD KILLING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE in the Noah story.  You know, even Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Manson and bin Laden did not advocate KILLING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.

And what about the lessons in the stories themselves? It begins with a woman corrupting a man. Moves to brother kills brother and goes off to the Land of Not do people the Earth. Then the big one, God tells Abraham to kill his child but at the very last minute says it was a joke. Andra Yates took note of that one. And killing everyone and everything time after time after time. What horrible nasty crap to be passing on to humanity. Shameful.

But watching the kids hiding did remind me to hold back on attacking religion. There is a place for it. It is needed to help children deal with death, convicts to deal with prison, addicts to deal with addiction and above all it give hope to the destitute, the old, the ignorant, the uneducated, the stupid and the ugly.  And where would we be without it? My God man, we would be living in no violent reasoned cultures like Japan, Norway and Australia! The horror…