Greatest Temperament Donald Trump slaps Don Jr to the floor

Greatest Temperament Donald Trump slaps Don Jr to the floor

“I am honored to have the greatest temperament that anybody has.” Donald Trump November 2016

In yet another terrific story about our Fake President and the role model for children all over the world we have this story of Donald Trump coming to a University of Pennsylvania freshman dorm to pick up his son to go to a baseball game. Diaper Don Jr, who was not drunk and peeing his pants at the moment opened the door in a baseball jersey. His greatest temperament of anybody Dad smacked him in the face so hard it knocked the boy to the floor in front of all his pals and telling him “put on a suit and meet me outside.”

If my father had done that to me it would have been the end of our relationship. But then again my father had about $500 in his portfolio and wasn’t paying me way through college.

What I find unique about this story and literally thousands of such stories about what a total wanker Donald Trump has been his entire life is that so little reported on it, and what is reported comes from only small websites. I suppose The Media doesn’t bother much with this wanker’s past because the present is horrifying enough. Horrifying in that his approval rating with Republicans is 82% and 78% of white Evangelicals. Donald Trump represents what they think Jesus was all about. Beyond horrifying.

Here is the story from Scott Meeker who was standing there when it happened.

As many of you know, I attended the University of Pennsylvania with Donald Trump Jr. I feel compelled to share this story before the election, in the hopes that it will shed a bit of light on the kind of person that Donald Trump is, and the kind of son that he raised.

I was hanging out in a freshman dorm with some friends, next door to Donald Jr.’s room. I walked out of the room to find Donald Trump at his son’s door, there to pick him up for a baseball game. There were quite a few students standing around watching, trying to catch a glimpse of the famed real estate magnate. Don Jr. opened the door, wearing a Yankee jersey. Without saying a word, his father slapped him across the face, knocking him to the floor in front of all of his classmates. He simply said “put on a suit and meet me outside,” and closed the door.

Donald Jr. was a drunk in college. Every memory I have of him is of him stumbling around campus falling over or passing out in public, with his arm in a sling from injuring himself while drinking. He absolutely despised his father, and hated the attention that his last name afforded him. His nickname was “Diaper Don,” because of his tendency to fall asleep drunk in other people’s beds and urinate. I always felt terrible for him.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton for a number of reasons, her opponent notwithstanding. However, in light of what I saw that day, it is clear to me that Donald Trump lacks the temperament and basic social decency to run our country.