Guess Where Bill O’Reilly is Going on Vacation – Jimmy Kimmel

Guess Where Bill O'Reilly is Going on Vacation - Jimmy Kimmel

Bill O’Reilly who put the ‘Fox’ in Fox News, is getting a lot of unfair publicity because of multiple sexual harassment charges from former employees. Sure,O’Reilly and Fox spent millions of dollars so far, settling with complainers who just don’t know how to ‘go along to get along’ with men in the workplace. However, the monetary settlements were in truth, charitable donations to re-educate the girls who obviously weren’t cut out for big time, miniskirt-wearing, show biz news.

All of this ugliness has prompted Fox to launch an outside investigation for the first time. Coincidentally, Bill O’Reilly is going on vacation,  I know there will be rumors that he’s been asked to go, or is drifting into an unwanted retirement. However, as Bill would say – ‘I planned it a *&$#*  year ago, dammit! The timing is a coincidence *&#$@!!!’  Bill may have a standing reservation at Cabo to hook up with his spring break friends, or he’s booked on a disco cruise in the Caribbean.That’s just it, we don’t know where he’s going and he won’t tell. In fact, it is now a contest titled ‘Where in the world, will Bill O’Reilly be on vacation?’  Jimmy Kimmel has a few ideas, do you have any ideas where O’Reilly should go?