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Gun enthusiast hate groups and al Qaeda on the same page, Britt cartoon

nra jihad

Anti-government gun enthusiast hate groups have grown from 150 in 2008 to 1200 in 2012. A 900% rise. Adding to that the rise in old school racist hate groups puts the whole gang of miscreants up to around 3000 groups. Can we call them gangs?

Hmmm… I wonder why these groups have skyrocketed in numbers and participation?  The rise began in earnest between the time Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and the Spring of 2009 – before President Obama even had time to do anything or set any policies. Hmmm… What could it be?  Most of these organizations are in the South, many using the confederate flag as their symbol. Hmmm… What could it be?

The Boston Bombing showed us that when something blows up, most Americans are about evenly divided on if the perpetrators are Muslim Terrorists, Law Abiding American Gun Enthusiast terrorists or oil companies. Or Republicans for that matter. After all, the GOP just voted to allow terrorists of any stripe to buy all the guns they can carry from gun shows, the internet, and their Muslim and MS13 brothers, fathers, cousins, neighbors, strangers and co workers down at the Jihad Bomb making plant. And these groups tend to have lots of COUSINS for some reason.