Gun Enthusiast Redneck Rusty right to machine guns because he has a birth certificate

redneck rustyThe thing about these redneck parodies is that down here they are not parodies. This isn’t just the guy next door, it’s all the guys on your street.

For you non gun types let me see if I can explain the attraction to assault rifles for you.

For over a year I was a Safety Officer on the ranges of Ft Carson, Colorado. I sat in a small tower wearing a white helmet in charge of the firing line. I did it for all weapons. At the end of the day rather than turn in extra ammunition, I would shoot it up. Twice a week for a year. Tens of thousands of rounds I fired from most everything.

It was during the Army transition from M-14 to M-16.  The old M-14 though very dependable, accurate and with a good range was big, heavy and had a kick your body paid a little for each time you pulled the trigger, especially firing in spurts on full auto. On the other hand, the M-16 was small, light with almost no kick at all. It was like a toy which was FUN and it caused little payment to your body.

And there you have it. Anyone wanting to go shoot a school full of 5 year olds it is the weapon of choice. Gun enthusiasts do not want to give up that FUN FACTOR, even over the dead torn and dismembered bodies of 20 five year olds.  One of which was shot 11 times. Gosh…

And when news of the massacre hit, gun enthusiasts celebrated those deaths by letting it be known to the parents of those children that they were going to RUN to the nearest gun store and buy as many assault rifles and high capacity magazines as they could get their hands on. That is not only disgusting upon every level, it is also a  mental health issue. A sickness that should keep all such people from having access to any guns at all. Which in turn is why they don’t want any background checks. They know they are crazy.

Those who really really want a gun are the very ones wh0 should really really not be allowed to have one.