Gun ownership is now only 36% of the population

gun enthusiastsFound this page of graphs of the demographics on gun ownership.  A few things catch the eye. The gun ownership statistic page

Gun ownership is going down as time passes. Which means the 300 million guns in circulation are owned by fewer and fewer people. Now only 36% of Americans are gun owners. From that group weed out the gun owners from the gun enthusiasts and it is understandable why this vast minority is against background checks or registration. Of course they do not want anyone – government or neighbors – to know the extent of their home arsenals. Or their aluminum headware.

White gun ownership is about twice that of Blacks or Hispanics.

More than twice as many Conservatives own guns as Liberals.

Gun ownership in the South is very much higher than any other region. Jesus loves guns.

And please remember, every gun wielding murderer was once a LAW ABIDING GUN OWNER.

In fact I think we may just have a rare absolute in this argument.

100% of gun murders and shootings are committed by gun owners while 0% of gun murders and shootings are committed by those who are not gun owners.