Guns R Us: 15 year old boy arrested for shooting 13 year old girl on Homestead Florida School bus

15 year old shoots 13 year old on Homestead school bus

If all the children had been carrying handguns on this bus, this tragedy could have been avoided!

Some of the parents of the children said they were STUNNED!  STUNNED I TELL YOU that a 15 year old was waving a gun around to show off what a MAN he was. Stunned? My God Man, he was only proving what a good AMERICAN is. This is the NRA message, and everyone, including the President of the United States is afraid of say anything to or at them. Even when it comes to access to 20 round clips for handguns and 100 round clips for assault rifles. Can’t even mention that without the NRA putting you on their hit list. And it’s not just about the NRA. It’s that entire gungoon culture. If you point at them, they build up their ammo, their arsenals, their rhetoric and their madness. Are all these gungoons single white males no one likes?  Well besides the NRA’s best customers, the Crips, the Bloods and MS13 anyway. Boy charged in fatal shooting on Florida bus

Texas A&M student body voted for carrying weapons into the classrooms. Sure Texas A&M is the most conservative state university in America, but even so… I wonder if that includes carrying guns on university school buses, you know, you need to take your .44  to Austin when you play those goddamn liberal Longhorns.