Gutting Healthcare Will Kill Americans – Keith Olbermann

Gutting Healthcare Will Kill Americans - Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann breaks the healthcare debate down to the essential question; what is the government for if not to ensure that we live?

Paul Ryan has his eye on the eventual elimination of Medicare. Keith’s compelling story about his father’s last months, and the astronomical hospital bills the family did not have to carry, speak volumes for the program that the American¬† people have come to depend upon.

Republicans are choosing to give tax breaks to the wealthy and take healthcare away from many who are now on Obamacare.¬† On the plus side, they tell us we’ll have that precious commodity – freedom. Furthermore, they tell us, we’ll have the freedom to do whatever we want with our lives, within the boundaries of folk medicine, faith healing and hopeful thinking.

Keith gives Jason Chaffetz and the others who are chipping away at American’s right to live directions to go directly to a place where there may be ice skating at present. Donald Trump is President after all.