Happy Days are here again

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Clicking around the states this morning I found a correlation in many many red states.  Romney won by about 60 to 40 in most of them, a 20 point spread. Other than DC, the blue states were mostly about 55 to 45 or a 10 point or less spread. And of course those states that went 70 to 30 Republican, a 40 point spread. Not the old Confederate states as one would expect [even the worst of the bunch South Carolina and Mississippi had only a 15 point spread.

That makes the most radical right states in America with a 40 point spread are Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Oklahoma. What do they have that the rest of us lack?  Well other than empty space, upstairs and down. Maybe it’s more about what they don’t have? One thing I can say is that they are all places I would not want to even go yet live in.

 happy days are here again