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Headlines April 5 2018, Rack Jite

Headlines and a Bit, Rack Jite Sept 21 2017

Headlines and a Bit, Rack Jite Sept 21 2017
Just headlines and a bit, Rack Jite

Robert De Niro on Reaching Out to Trump Supporters: We’re ‘Beyond’ Trying to See Their Point of View

It’s like reaching out to a retarded honey Badger married to a rabid dog. That is not to say we cannot get along in person avoiding their ugly politics and intolerant religion, but with The Donald as their savio, there is no point in talking policy or issues with them. All you get is lies, silly conspiracies and a mouthload of anger, hate and ignorance.

Here’s a Woman Asking Ted Cruz if He’d Take a DNA Test to Prove He’s a Human Being

Even Ted Cruz is in trouble here in Texas.  Democrat Beto O’Rourke has already amassed $7 million against him. Which brings to mind Mitch McConnell yesterday saying Republicans are in big trouble with the coming Blue Wave.  That’s the Senate speaking. Democrats take the house and the senate it’s impeachment time.

Atlantic Writer Who Tweeted Women Who’ve Had Abortions Should Be Hanged Found to Have Made Comment Again

Wow, before Roe V Wade it was about half a million abortions a year, after it was 1.5 million a year, last decade down to about 800,000 a year. These executions add up. Even considering some women have more than one abortions, we are talking about 40 million women executed or in jail for life. Talk about prison overcrowding. Gives us an idea of how well thought out Evangelical Christianity is.
Let me guess? Kevin Williamson is a Republican right? And an Evangelical Christian?

Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale is coming next week. More aptly called LIFE UNDER PRESIDENT PENCE, where they actually do hang women for abortions, lesbianism and talking back.

Shooter held bitter grudge against YouTube before opening fire at headquarters

It is GOOGLE not YOUTUBE. Almost 10 years ago now I put up a couple music videos here. I suddenly found I could no longer sign in to Youtube. I clicked the red mark to find that without any warning I was banned FOREVER with NO RECOURSE. Ever few years I email them to get the same answer. You are banned forever with no recourse. And they have all my existing email addresses. Not to mention that Google and Google Adsense reduced this website from 3000 hits a day and $500 a month, to now after a couple years, to 135 a day and $4 a month.

Rep. Trey Gowdy: Divisiveness in politics “didn’t start with Trump”

Indeed, it began in 1988 when Rush Limbaugh was syndicated and hundreds of AM radio stations followed suit with 24/7 lying, conspiracy, name calling right-wing swill, exacerbated by Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House doing the same in 1994 and then the coup de grace with FOX NEWS with Roger Ailes doing the same in 1996. ALL THE BLAME is on Trey Gowdy and friends. But give them a break, they only way they can win elections is likes, anger, hate and fear.

Juanita Broaddrick Slams Hillary Clinton For Not Dumping Bill: ‘Why on Earth Did You Not Leave That Man?’

Well Juanita, unlike you she loved her husband, he was president at the time, and she was on her way to the top.  BTW, your rape by President Clinton, where as a married woman you went into a hotel room with one man,  saying you walked out with a bloody lip and a black eye, your husband at the time met with you later in the day and saw no black eye, no bloody lip and no mention of the encounter. Why did you not tell him you were raped?