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Hightlights of Donald Trump’s Wall and Deportation speech

Hightlights of Donald Trump's Immigration speechBoy oh boy, that ideological certification is a whopper of a good idea on so many levels, especially when applied to Trump supporters regarding religious tolerance, racism, bigotry, homophobia and misogyny.

I was highly disappointed that this video missed so much of the wall talk and the subsequent cheering. That it will be 10 feet higher than his original 20 feet – now at 30 feet high and how far it will go down into the ground, WAY DOWN, WAY WAY DOWN, no going under it or over it, impenetrable! Totally! His deportation task force sounds cool too, if you are a nazi.

The trouble is that neither EXTREMIST ISLAMIC TERRORISM or ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION are the real cause of any of our problems. Much like Hillary’s emails and now the foundation, terrorism and immigration are matters of perception rather than reality. The real problems are Republicans helping corporations move off shore, Republicans ever increasing the disparity of wealth, Republicans forever cutting giant holes in the safety, net, Republicans refusing to follow the rest of the world in universal payroll tax heath care, Republicans pushing more guns into more hands, Republicans playing to racism, and Democrats who want to fight all that by playing nice.

12 million illegal aliens add to the economy and the tax base more than they take away from it while doing all the work white and black people flatout refuse to do.
Americans shot and killed by Islamic terrorists in the past 15 years – 96
Americans shot and killed by other Americans in the past 15 years – 180,000

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