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Hilarious End of the 2016 Campaign with Celebrities, Deez Nuts – Seth Meyers

Hilarious End of the 2016 Campaign with Celebrities, Deez Nuts - Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a look at the final week of the Outrageous Presidential Campaign of 2016. and it just keeps getting better!  The past week featured glittering celebrities hitting the campaign trail, Nugent’s nuts – and the FBI trying yet again to criminalize Hillary Clinton.”Mozel Tov Cocktails” entered the English vernacular thanks to Trump apologists, who  – now drained of irony,  accused Clinton’s celebrity supporters of having “foul mouths.”

We’ll miss the smooth comedy stylings of President Barack Obama, who truly is funny – and bless her heart, Hillary tries.  Obama couldn’t help but riff on Trump, who’s aides had to bar him from his Twitter account until after the election.

I’m reminded of the candidate’s own words: “I have the very best temperament in the world.” According to the New York Times, “Trump still privately muses about all the ways he will punish his enemies after Election Day, including a threat to fund a “super PAC with vengeance as its core mission. ”
Seth: “He ‘muses’  like a Bond villain, but  instead of a cat, he’s stroking his own hair.”

Trump is hurt that Hillary’s star-studded support came out this week, leaving Trump to alternately crow that he doesn’t need them to draw a crowd, but then to complain “it’s almost cheating. I’m here all by myself. No piano, no guitar, no nothing.” Ahem… Trump has Ted Nugent.
Maybe Trump is right.

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