Hilarious Top 5 Memes from Trump’s G20 Summit Misadventure

Hilarious Top 5 Memes from Trump's G20 Summit Misadventure

The Trump clan traveled to Germany ostensibly to meet with the leaders of the G20. The main attraction for Trump may have been the opportunity to lock eyes, and press the flesh with his Russian crush boss Vladimir Putin. Allegedly this is the first time the two have met in person since Trump’s election.

The trip was not without a few glitches. Trump and his retinue, alone among world leaders, had nowhere to lie their heads, or to park Ivanka and Melania’s shoe and makeup crates, not having bothered to make hotel reservations. Once emergency shelter was found, it will be no surprise to most of you to learn that the buck was firmly passed to Obama – truly.

As was the case with Trump’s last trip abroad, people on Twitter shared plenty of memes to commemorate the occasion. Here are some of the very best!