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Hillary Clinton is Dead, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Hillary Clinton is Dead, Full Frontal with Samantha BeeYes it is true! On October 7th 2015 Donald Trump’s favorite news source – who he complains should get the Pulitzer Prize for journalism – declared Hillary Clinton would be dead in 6 months. Doing the math the Lord took her away on April 7th. But we saw her yesterday!  Trump supporter and Hollywood star Scott Baio explains that what we are seeing is an actress double.

When the rest of us catch up with Chachi and the Enquirer, and Tim Kane [who seems a nice enough fella] becomes the Democratic Presidential nominee, the most hated woman in America out of the running the polls will move from a 5 point spread to a 25 point spread, in favor of Democrats, right? Or would it be 5 points no matter who is running from either party?

Oh wait, this just in, it turns Hillary is not dead after all, but only on her death bed with New-moan-ya. You know, that lung infection thing you had that keep you home from work or school for a couple days. Oh and she also has Parkinson’s and Syphilis! Really!

All that be as it may, but unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is dishonest, untrustworthy and a liar who when telling the truth that OVER HALF of Donald Trump supporters are racists, bigots, xenophobes and sexists, it’s the most awful thing any candidate has ever done!  65% [two thirds] of Trump fans believe President Obama is a Muslim born outside the United States, which is full frontal racism.

“Looks like [they / we] need a bigger basket!” Samantha Bee and Donald Trump.

What a mistake! Not one of Trump supporter would vote for Hillary no matter what Hillary says. The mistake is three fold: This will get the deplorables out knocking on doors and making calls from the Trump ground game that does not exist. It was politically incorrect and you know how much Trump fans love politically incorrect. And it will not do well with Independents [a mix of those who do not pay attention or are Republicans who don’t abide with the religious intolerance that has come to brand the party] and shift that 5 point demographic spread back and forth.

I suppose the mistake was using the word “deplorable” which gives that duffle if dippoops a soundbite to use for every 30 seconds for the next two months. Hey they are already making big money on selling DEPORABLE tshirts.  Hey, that’s a step up from WOMEN AND BJS tshirts!

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