Houston DA Chuck Rosenthal Quits – Blames Liberal Media and Drugs

"Although I have enjoyed excellent medical and pharmacological treatment, I have come to learn that the particular combination of drugs prescribed for me in the past has caused some impairment in my judgment…
The federal court’s release of my private e-mails around Christmas of last year brought a lot to bear on my wife and children. I have been trying to restore my family as a unit, but the constant media pressure has made that restoration more difficult. I am hopeful that, in my retirement, the media will accord my family the privacy we need to heal." Chuck Rosenthal 2/15/2008

Taking responsibility for his actions – which as you know is one of the primary centerpieces of Republican idealogy – Rosenthal blamed drugs and the media for his actions. As we have learned over the years, Republican calls for responsibility for ones’ actions applies to everyone other than Republicans. Larry Craig, Tom DeLay and Rush Limbaugh come to mind…

Like many large cities, here in Houston justice is dispensed at the County level rather than the more liberal and minority driven city level. Because of so many white suburbs and outlying towns, justice is administered by a network of Good Old Boy prosecutors and judges who are very conservative white men.

Rosenthal’s problems all began with a court order to look into Harris County DA office emails over an unrelated criminal case. What initially got the media’s attention was a series of romantic emails between the very Christian married Rosenthal and his secretary. But as the investigation progressed the racist email pass-around found on his computer took center stage. In defense of Chuck, and being on a few conservative email pass-around lists myself, these kind of things are on just about every Republican’s computer.

Because of his email troubles Rosenthal was asked to remove himself from the upcoming primaries which he refused to do until he realized he could no longer win it. As more information came forward as to what a nastyass creep Rosenthal is, county officials began asking him to resign which he also refused to do until after being ordered by a judge to not delete any emails he was caught deleting thousands of emails on his computer. He came real close to going to jail on that one. In fact this is the reason he is claiming drug use, the "involuntary intoxication" defense.

Chuck Rosenthal has a history of putting conservative Republican idealogical nastiness above justice in Harris County. In campaigns he has called other Republican candidates "an alcoholic", "liberal egg-head," and recommended another because "she looks great in jeans".

In 2003 when DNA proved Josiah Sutton had not committed a rape he had served four years for, Rosenthal refused to sign a compensation letter.

More recently we had a big issue here of a 10 year old Rosenthal charged with a felony for setting off a false fire alarm. After it was found that the boy had not set off the alarm or had any intention of doing so, Rosenthal pursued the felony charge no matter. Can you guess what color the boy was?

And of course not to forget that Rosenthal, understanding the basis of Christianity so well, has persued and gotten more execution judgements than any other DA in America. Most of whom are what color?

Soon Rosenthal will be replaced by a different set of good ole boy Conservative Republicans who differ from Rosenthal only in that they have cleaned off their computers. What drugs were he on? Rick Casey